Well, That Was Eventful…

So, I got to my favourite Spotting point a little bit later than planned (about 2 hours, but who’s counting!), to find the place pretty crowded, and it only filled up more as the day went on.

The planes were coming thick and fast, the crowds started thinning, and I hung around through an almost interminable stream of easyJets and Ryanairs for the Etihad 787-9 in a special colour scheme and the Turkish A330.

And waddya know, the day went from utterly glorious to pouring it down within 10 minutes of the Etihad turning up, so by the time the Turkish turned up, I was doing a pretty fair impersonation of a drowned rat.

Etihad 787-9

(Notice the heat haze on the 787, from shooting across acres of hot tarmac on a warm, sunny day.)

Turkish A330 at Manchester Airport, 2019
Turkish A330-200

(Notice the rain covering the runways and nearly obliterating the image – there was about half an hour between these 2 photos, most of which was dry and sunny!)

So yeah – fun day, but could have done without the rain!