Well, That Was Embarrasing!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrased in my life – Planespotting Live on BBC4 was , as ever from these types of shows, extraordinarily cringe-worthy, serving only to make those of us with an interest in aviation look like a bunch of weirdos with no lives.

(Shush, you know what I mean!)

The sheer amount of innaccurate data, the over-excitement and talking over guests (especially from Peter Snow, who should have been forced to retire 20 years ago!) – the presenters almost made BigJetTV and their ilk almost look professional.

Why it had to be live, I don’t know – the pre-recorded segments tended to be better than the live stuff, and the best of the team was the former British Airways pilot, Catherine Burton, whose only mis-step was identifying a Norwegian 737 as an A380 or 747.

If it had been pre-recorded, that could easily have been corrected, but apart from that, she was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and able to engage with the audience – something that the “experienced” presenters singularly failed to do.

There are 2 more nights of this rubbish – do I torture myself some more?