Photolog 24th March 2014

Another cold, yet sunny day at Manchester Airport.

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DSC 0250
DSC 0250 (March 24, 2014): OO-DWA, British Aerospace RJ100, Brussels Airlines, turning off Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 24th March 2014.
DSC 0258
DSC 0258 (March 24, 2014): D-ALCF, McDonnell Douglas MD11, Lufthansa Cargo, taxiing past the AVP at Manchester Airport, 24th March 2014.
DSC 0263
DSC 0263 (March 24, 2014): EI-EVY, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair, parked outside terminal 3 at Manchester Airport, 24th March 2014.
DSC 0273
DSC 0273 (March 24, 2014): A7-ACI, Airbus A330-202, Qatar Airways, on final approach to Manchester Airport, 24th March 2014, as seen from the railway bridge on Ringway Road.


Photolog – 4th February 2016

A miserable, dark, cloudy day at Manchester…

DSC 0007
DSC 0007 (February 4, 2016)

So, pretty much a normal day!

DSC 0009
DSC 0009 (February 4, 2016)

Did I mention it was wet as well?

DSC 0037
DSC 0037 (February 4, 2016)

But I loved it! 😀

DSC 0072
DSC 0072 (February 4, 2016)

See for the full set.

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Photo of the Day 18th September 2018

Photo of the day 2018-09-18
Photo of the day 2018-09-18:

EI-CNY, Boeing 737-230, Ryanair.

Lining up on Runway 24 at Manchester.

Like many of Ryanair’s early 737’s, ‘CNY was painted in the colours of one of their sponsors, this one bearing a close resmblance to a pint of Kilkenny.

Taken from the Airport Hotel, sometime between October 1997 and August 2001.