Photo of the Day 26th February 2019

Photo of the Day 2019-02-26
Photo of the Day 2019-02-26 (January 1, 1996):

D-BIRT, De Haviland Canada DHC8-102, Augsburg Airways, at Manchester Airport, sometime after December 1995.

I think this was taken from the end of Pier A, which would make it 1st March 1996, on my way to London Gatwick.

Photo of the Day 25th February 2019

Photo of the Day 2019-02-25
Photo of the Day 2019-02-25:

G-BRLY, BAe ATP, British Airways, passing The Airport Hotel on final approach to runway 24 at Manchester Airport, sometime between September 1992 and March 1999.

Photo of the Day 31st December 2018

Photo of the Day 2018-12-31
Photo of the Day 2018-12-31: Something a bit different – 3 variants of the Boeing 737 lined up at Manchester, sometime between June 1991 and Feb 1994.

G-BECG, 737-204, Britannia, then G-UKLD, 737-42C, Air UK Leisure, then OE-ILG, 737-3Z9, Lauda Air.