Site Update – 1st January 2020

I’ve made some slight changes to the way the site is going to be run in future – most are on the back end, and so will probably not be visible to users, but the biggest is to the way (and frequency) I post photos.

For a long time, I have been posting a daily Photo of the Day, with most days also having a Bonus Photo of the Day.
Generally speaking, PotD will be from Manchester, with bPotD being from elsewhere, and themes on certain days – Saturday is Gatwick, Sunday is Heathrow, Monday is Barton, and there are a couple of others I am contemplating.
With the sheer number of photos I’ve taken, I’m contemplating having occasional (possibly monthly) week-long themes for the PotD, focusing on one particular airport, possibly starting in the next week or so.

I’ve recently started adding a more-or-less daily Tails photo, focusing on aircraft tails, or other interesting features (noses, winglets, or strange body art) as well.
Alongside the Tails are the On This Day posts, either revisiting photos I’ve already posted, or posting new photos taken on that date in years past – most days will see either a Tails or an On This Day post.

And here is where the big changes come in – with the number of photos queued up, there are certain images with interesting content, but lesser visual quality, or airline/type/location combinations that I am quite frankly bored of posting (eg, Loganair ATP’s at Manchester), so I’ve been adding those to the site on a non-regular basis.
While the Potd, bPotD, and tails photos have been uploaded to my various Social Media channels, these aren’t being added there – so, to keep track of these, I’ve added a new section to the Gallery – Latest – with 7 days worth of uploads in individual, daily galleries.

Here on the blog, I used to put up individual posts for PotD, bPotd, and Tails /OTD shots – these have been integrated in to one, with any additional shots added on to the end.
Feel free to follow either the blog or the gallery to see everything Ipost, including the stuff that doesn’t make it on the Social Media.

I’m going to be scanning more stuff on a regular basis, and adding it on here – already I have enough to keep me going for several more years, and the rest will keep me busy for a good long while beyond that, not to mention the photos I’ll be taking on my irregular airport trips.
So, if you notice me being a bit quiet on Social Media, this is the place to come – I’ll be posting on here at least, even if I’m too busy for the whole Social Media circus, what with work, family life, and health problems.