Photo of the Day 22nd December 2019

Phooto of the Day 2019-12-22
Phooto of the Day 2019-12-22: G-PEEL, British Aerospace ATP, taxiing to gate at Manchester Airport, some time before October 1994.

Photo of the Day 2019-12-22 (Bonus)
Photo of the Day 2019-12-22 (Bonus): G-BNLO, Boeing 747-436, British Airways, taxiing out to Runway 27R for takeoff from London Heathrow, some time in the 1990s.
Tails 2019-12-22
Tails 2019-12-22: F-****, Boeing 727-200, Europe Aero Service, at Paris Orly, either 1st november 1993 or 22nd September 1996.