Photo of the Day 17th December 2019

Photo of the day 2019-12017
Photo of the day 2019-12017: UR-42544, Yakovlev Yak42, Air Ukraine, at Manchester Airport, at some point in the mid-1990s.

Photo of the Day 2019-12-17 (Bonus)
Photo of the Day 2019-12-17 (Bonus): D-AHLJ, Boeing 737-4K5, Hapag Loyd, at Dusseldorf Airport, either 20th October 1993 or 11th October 1996.
Tails 2019-12-17
Tails 2019-12-17: C-GAVA, Boeing 767-233, Air Canada, at Manchester Airport, some time in the 1990s.