Today (2020-06-02) is my day off work.
Normally, I would be curating a selection of around 6 aviation-related photos from my archive to share, but with the news coming out of the US, I've decided this is not the time.
With the US President declaring the US a Facist state, with Police Departments turning in to state-sponsored domestic terrorism groups dedicated to attacking and killing their fellow citizens for having to the temerity to protest the death of an unarmed civilian - now is not the time.
Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, I have been posting daily photos that my fellow AvGeeks might find interesting, in the hopes of brightening their day while not much is happening in the world of aviation - but that pails in to insignificance when compared to what else is happening out in the real world.
So, in a small show of solidarity with my Brothers and Sisters on the other side of the Atlantic, this site and its associated Social Media chanels will be going dark for the next few days.

Manc AvGeek

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