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Decisions, Decisions…

One of my webhosts is discontinuing one of the types of server I have with them – unfortunately, this means that my self-hosted Pixelfed instance, among other projects, would be going offline as I can’t afford to host them elsewhere at present.

And, as my Pixelfed instance appears to be pretty much not working right now, I’m switching back to my original account here with immediate effect. I’ll be losing all the posts I’ve made on my own instance over the last few months, but at least this one is working.




Fediverse Update

As part of my Fediverse presence, I am now hosting my own Pixelfed instance, here.

The previous account, on pixelfed.social, is still being used as an archive, but has been deprecated – moving forward, all posts will will be on the new account.

Federation isn’t fully working yet – oddly, it is visible from Mastodon instances, but not from other Pixelfed instances, but that should be coming soon.


MancAvGeek is proud to announce that the site is now officially part of The Fediverse – posts are now federating across various parts of several Distributed Social Networks, to varying degrees.

The best results are with Mastodon, but a couple of other apps (most notably Pleroma) work pretty well – and as most of the Fediverse runs on those, most people will be able to see and interact with this site.

A (Sort-of) New Start… (18th Feb 2019)

If you’ve come here for the first time in a while, you may have noticed that things are just a little bit different – instead of a gallery of aircraft photos, you’ve found this blog.

And there is a perfectly simple reason for this – the gallery has been moved to https://g.mancavgeek.co.uk, and the blog moved in to its place – this way, you can see at a glance any new stuff that has been added, as well as allowing me to give advance notice of any work being done on the site, or any additional features that will be added.

At the moment, not everything is entirely working, so there may be some changes ahead, but for now, enjoy having a look around.


Manc AvGeek

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