Well, That Was Eventful…

So, I got to my favourite Spotting point a little bit later than planned (about 2 hours, but who’s counting!), to find the place pretty crowded, and it only filled up more as the day went on.

The planes were coming thick and fast, the crowds started thinning, and I hung around through an almost interminable stream of easyJets and Ryanairs for the Etihad 787-9 in a special colour scheme and the Turkish A330.

And waddya know, the day went from utterly glorious to pouring it down within 10 minutes of the Etihad turning up, so by the time the Turkish turned up, I was doing a pretty fair impersonation of a drowned rat.

Etihad 787-9

(Notice the heat haze on the 787, from shooting across acres of hot tarmac on a warm, sunny day.)

Turkish A330 at Manchester Airport, 2019
Turkish A330-200

(Notice the rain covering the runways and nearly obliterating the image – there was about half an hour between these 2 photos, most of which was dry and sunny!)

So yeah – fun day, but could have done without the rain!

And He’s Back…

So, here we go, first Spotting trip since May (23rd to be precise, Fact Fans!), and it’s already not going to plan.

I was planning on leaving the house somewhere between 0530 and 0600, which would have me Southside by 8 at the latest-instead, I left at 0756, which means I probably won’t get there much before 10.

Damn this need to sleep!

Still, at least I’m doing better than my planned Heathrow jaunt this week (rained off) and Liverpool trip (also rained off).

So, here I am on the 330 to Stockport – if you’re over on Southside today, and you see a slightly confused bald bloke with an entirely unnecessary goatee, come and say hi, I don’t bite!

(Unless you ask nicely! 😉 )

Fediverse Update

As part of my Fediverse presence, I am now hosting my own Pixelfed instance, here.

The previous account, on pixelfed.social, is still being used as an archive, but has been deprecated – moving forward, all posts will will be on the new account.

Federation isn’t fully working yet – oddly, it is visible from Mastodon instances, but not from other Pixelfed instances, but that should be coming soon.

Well, That Was Embarrasing!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrased in my life – Planespotting Live on BBC4 was , as ever from these types of shows, extraordinarily cringe-worthy, serving only to make those of us with an interest in aviation look like a bunch of weirdos with no lives.

(Shush, you know what I mean!) Continue reading “Well, That Was Embarrasing!”

Day Off + Sunny Weather = Day Out!

It’s a lovely sunny day, so I will shortly be heading out, first to Barton/EGCB, then Manchester/MAN/EGCC for the evenings arrivals.
Part of todays events will include testing my phones suitability for video, mounted on top of my D3100 – recent experiments with a small, GoPro-style camera weren’t all that good (I’ll post some of the test footage from MAN when I get a chance to finish editing it), so I’m seeing if this is more feasible.
Should be fun, if nothing else! 😀

Lets see your photos!

This isn’t about Manchester Airport, or even about Spotting generally – but there are so many people worrying about putting photos up in the various Social Media groups when there are so many excellent photographers out there posting stunning shots.
The current banner for one FB group (Ryanair 737-200 parked at a snowy T2) is an old shot of mine – not because it’s any good (I’ll be the first to point out all its flaws), but because I was the only person to enter the banner competition.
I claim no particular skill at photography, nor at photo editing,but these images capture a moment in time, and I hope that people find them interesting, or bring back memories – and judging by the comments and conversations on some of them, I occasionally succeed.
So come on, everyone – share those photographic memories – some may critique your skills or abilities, while others (like me) will appreciate a trip down Amnesia Lane.
My usual drivel will return in 3… 2… 1… 😉