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Lets see your photos!

This isn’t about Manchester Airport, or even about Spotting generally – but there are so many people worrying about putting photos up in the various Social Media groups when there are so many excellent photographers out there posting stunning shots.
The current banner for one FB group (Ryanair 737-200 parked at a snowy T2) is an old shot of mine – not because it’s any good (I’ll be the first to point out all its flaws), but because I was the only person to enter the banner competition.
I claim no particular skill at photography, nor at photo editing,but these images capture a moment in time, and I hope that people find them interesting, or bring back memories – and judging by the comments and conversations on some of them, I occasionally succeed.
So come on, everyone – share those photographic memories – some may critique your skills or abilities, while others (like me) will appreciate a trip down Amnesia Lane.
My usual drivel will return in 3… 2… 1… 😉

Photolog – Manchester 17th October 2013

A mixture of mist and sun at the AVP on a cold wintry day.
https://u.mancavgeek.co.uk/3h (62 photos)

C-GTSY, Airbus A310-304, Air Transat

N819NW, Airbus A330-323, Delta Airlines

G-RJXK, Embraer ERJ135R, BMI Regional

G-VWAG, Airbus A330-343, Virgin Atlantic


Photo of the Day 26th February 2019

Photo of the Day 2019-02-26
Photo of the Day 2019-02-26 (January 1, 1996):

D-BIRT, De Haviland Canada DHC8-102, Augsburg Airways, at Manchester Airport, sometime after December 1995.

I think this was taken from the end of Pier A, which would make it 1st March 1996, on my way to London Gatwick.

Photo of the Day 25th February 2019

Photo of the Day 2019-02-25
Photo of the Day 2019-02-25:

G-BRLY, BAe ATP, British Airways, passing The Airport Hotel on final approach to runway 24 at Manchester Airport, sometime between September 1992 and March 1999.