Photo of the Day 21st August 2018

Photo of the Day 2018-08-21
Photo of the Day 2018-08-21: G-GNTZ, British Aerospace BAe146-200, British Airways (operated by British Regional Airlines).
Lining up on Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, somewhere between November 1997 and August 2001.
Photo taken from the Airport Hotel.

Photo of the Day 16th August 2018

Photo of the day 2018-08-16
Photo of the day 2018-08-16 (May 24, 1992):

YU-AKG Boeing 727-2H9 British Air Ferries.

Leased from JAT Yugoslav Airlines from 20th May 1992 to 31st May 1992, seen here departing Runway 24 at Manchester Airport on 24th May 1992.

Photo taken from the Airport Hotel

And We’re Back…

After a short time away to change hosts, Manc Avgeek is back, and we’ve got a new blog (right here!), and a Wiki guide to all the best spots around Manchester and some other airports (

We’ve also got our green lock up in the address bar!

The Wiki may end up being spun off in to its own site – I haven’t been to enough airports in the past couple of years for it to be anything useful for more than a few people, but we’ll see.

In the mean time, have a look around the main site, where hopefully I’ll be adding new stuff on a fairly regular basis – so many photos to edit, so little time!