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Photo of the Day 26th May 2020

Photo of the Day 2020-05-26
Photo of the Day 2020-05-26 (September 9, 2014): YU-SVL, Cessna 560XLS Citation Excel, Prince Aviation, taking off from Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 9th September 2014.

I’ve got the day off work, so prepare to be spammed!

7 shots for today, and I’m off tomorrow as well, so there will probably be at least 6 then!


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Photo of the Day 20th May 2020

Photo of the Day 2020-05-20
Photo of the Day 2020-05-20 (March 25, 2015): Race ya!
A6-ENF, Boeing 777-31H(ER), Emirates, sits on Runway 23L at Manchester Airport waiting for takeoff, while A6-ETF, Boeing 777-3FX(ER), Etihad, waits on the parralel taxiway for its turn.
Both are departing to the United Arab Emirates (‘NF to Dubai, ‘TF to Abu Dhabi).

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