Manc AvGeek is the nom de plume of a Plane Spotter/Avgeek from theNorth-West of England. Based in the Manchester area, he has been spotting on and off since 1985-86, and in his time has been to most of the major airports in the UK and Europe – admittedly, his European adventures were all in the mid 90’s, so his knowledge of those airports may be a smidge out of date.

Somewhere between mid-99 and September 2001, I took a short break, which turned into an extended hiatus, lasting until a brief return to the hobby in early 2006, before going back into retirement until returning in late 2013. I don’t get out to any airports as much as I would like,  family and work often coming first, but I try to get up to Manchester Airport at least once a month, and at least one trip a bit further afield (usually to Heathrow) once a year – foreign trips are currently a bit out of my price range, unfortunately.

I make no claims to being a good photographer, being more an enthusiastic (some would say very enthusiastic) amateur (some would say very amateur! 😀 ), but I hope some of my photos will be of interest.

I have many photos taken on my digital SLRs, the number of which is slowly increasing, but also many taken on various 35mm SLRs in the 90’s – the plan is to post one full digital set every week (I have enough to keep me going like this up until well in to 2020 at the moment!), with daily (or at least 5*weekly+) Photo of the Day posts from my archive of scans, with occasional bonus images as well – more will be brought out of storage soon.

And that is pretty much it for now…


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